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Shepherd Shield Features

Audible Alerts

Once you’ve downloaded Shepherd Shield, the app will recognize your location and send you updated security alerts based on proximity. This real-time threat assessment has audible alerts so you can easily tell the severity of the threat without even looking at your phone.


There are three levels of dog barks that get more intense as the threat level increases. The highest threat is sirens, which signals to immediately get to safety.

Soft Dog Bark - "Alert" (Yellow)

These are low-level threats that you should be aware of, such as traffic accidents and small fires.

Dog Bark - "Medium Alert" (Orange)


These threats are more serious than a low level alert, but ones you should still be aware of, such as a toxic spill, robbery, or stabbing.

Dog Bark/Snarl - "High Alert" (Red)

The sound of a snarling, barking dog, means you should be on high alert. These types of threats include a shooting, bombing, or terror event.

Evacuation Alert - "Mandatory Evacuation" 


The sound of an evacuation alarm means just that - this is a serious threat and you should evacuate or find a safe place. (Example: active shooter in progress)

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