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Steer Clear of Danger

Personalized Security

Shepherd Shield is a mobile app for use on iOS and Android phones, tablets and other devices. The app allows users to stay aware of security threats while also keeping appraised of personal security.

When a subscriber is in an area, familiar or not, the Shepherd Shield alert system provides a real-time threat assessment based on a color-coded alert index: green, yellow, orange and red, the highest.

Shepherd Shield alerts are issued when a subscriber comes in close proximity of a threat area, as determined by information obtained from law enforcement, emergency services, news reports and predetermined threat areas.

Shepherd Shield users have a customized choice of categories, including high crime areas, active shooter alerts, terrorist threats, weather emergencies, and the addresses of registered sex offenders. Data can be viewed individually, as lists, and by using a map feature. Enable/disable the functions as you choose. There is also a “report” function so a subscriber may contribute information.

In the worst-case emergency, such as an active shooter alert, the app would issue an alert warning.

A user can pre-set their “Top 5 Safety Spots” such as a school, office building, etc., and should an alert happen at one of those spots, the user’s Shepherd Shield app would automatically send notice.

The app includes a “Call 911” button and an “SOS” button which calls the 24/7 Shepherd Shield dispatch center (located in the USA). A user needs to have a cellular connection to make such a call.

We are now Beta testing the app throughout the U.S. and other countries.

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